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Undergraduate Art Education

Students who intend to become teachers of art with youngsters or adolescents in pre-K through twelfth grade education settings enroll in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education. They acquire strong knowledge and skills in both art and education in this nine semester program. In the art component of their studies, they develop skills in a wide range of art media and processes, specialize in one studio area, complete four courses in art history, and acquire skills in art criticism and philosophy of art. They gain a conception of art education that integrates art making, art history, art criticism, philosophy of art, and social-cultural influences. Also addressed in the curriculum are the ways interdisciplinary aspects of art education can affect societal beliefs, values, and behaviors. A selection of required courses in the College of Education and Human Development contribute to the breadth of academic experiences necessary for quality preparation of future art educators.

Completion of the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Education (which requires approximately 15 semester credits beyond the typical Bachelor of Science degree through Education colleges or schools) has several advantages: Because of the greater studio emphasis in the BFA, students are more qualified for student internship placements in high schools with specialized art courses. Their studio expertise will also be more evident when seeking employment upon graduation. When making graduate school decisions, BFA graduates in art education have more options as they consider entering Master of Fine Arts programs with a studio art concentration or a Master of Arts in art education program that offers studio concentration alternatives.