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Undergraduate Digital Arts

The Digital Arts program at BGSU is one of the leading programs in the nation for studying digital arts and animation, focusing on creative expression using digital technology. Students are encouraged to investigate aesthetic and perceptual possibilities as they engage in alternative art discourses. Digital Arts courses investigate the theoretical, aesthetic, and technical aspects of the digital arts while providing hands-on-experiences with state-of-the-art equipment. The BGSU Digital Arts program, with over 150 majors, has become one of the leading programs in the nation for studying digital arts and animation. (Animation Career Review ranked BGSU's Digital Arts program as #6 in the Midwest in 2013.) Digital Arts is an exciting division with dynamic, ambitious, self-motivated students who push themselves and their artwork to the edge.

The School of Art offers a BFA degree in Digital Arts as well as a BA in Art with a Digital Arts specialization with three areas of focus:

Computer Animation & Video - both traditional and 3D animation with a strong emphasis on 3D animation as well as video art, motion graphics, special effects and compositing. Students create character animations as well as narrative, and non-narrative experimental animations and video art works.

Imaging - a focus on still images including both 2D digital imaging and 3D modeled and rendered images. Emphasis on digital photography, digital painting, collage and hybrid media. Works may be realized using various printing techniques including large format and experimental alternative printing as well as 3D printing.

Interactive Multimedia - emphasis on creative art development using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Processing for online and mobile devices as well as installation and interactive physical artworks.

See the Digital Arts Website.


BGSU Demo Reel 2012

BGSU Demo Reel 2012