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Undergraduate Graphic Design

Graduating Thinkers with Curious Minds

About the Division of Graphic Design (BGSUGD)
The Division of Graphic Design in the School of Art at Bowling Green State University (BGSUGD) is a dynamic, progressive and responsive professional BFA in Graphic Design degree-granting program that encourages independent and collaborative thinking, creative problem solving/analytics and design, creative writing, design for the public good, exploration of alternative visual communication methods, and a solid understanding of modern professional practices. The curriculum reflects the dynamic social and professional changes of contemporary design and responds to them in a pro-active manner through a continually evolving curriculum.

What is Graphic Design?
As human beings and consumers, we are surrounded by graphic design. Whether the medium is television, magazines, books, street signs, movies, CD covers, computers games, mobile devices or the internet, we rely on graphic designers to help us access and make sense of the massive amount of information that surrounds us daily. Today's graphic designer is equal parts artist, communicator and marketer--someone who understands differing audiences and who has the varied skills to communicate across multiple media. The designer's broad visual and technical skills are valued by corporations, product manufacturers, advertising and in-house agencies, design firms, and industries in need of individuals who work fluently with multimedia and emerging technologies.



BGSUGD Calendar of Events
Fall 2012 BGSUGD Calendar of Events (PDF)
Hardware & Software Recommendations (updated 06/29/12)
BGSUGD F12-S13 Hardware & Software Recommendations (PDF)



BGSUGD Program Standards
Program Standards (PDF)

Independent Study (ARTD 4700) (for Spring 2013, due to Chair no later than Friday, Nov. 9, 2013)
Guidelines, Procedures & Application (PDF)

Internship (ARTD 4890) (for Summer 2013, due to Internship Coordinator no later than May 5, 2013)
Internship Documentation (pdf)

Sophomore Portfolio Review (Group A: Thurs., April 25, 2013; Group B: Fri., April 26, 2013)
Review Packet (pdf)

Class of 2014 Senior Thesis Proposal (due to Chair no later than Friday, March 1, 2013)
Senior Thesis Packet (pdf)
Class of 2014 Senior Thesis Progress Review Day 1 (Fri., Oct. 18, 2013, 9am - 5pm)
Class of 2014 Senior Thesis Progress Review Day 2 (Fri., Oct. 25, 2013, 9am - 5pm)